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Advertise on is currently accepting new advertisers. We provide a large amount of weather information primarily to users inside of the United States, including current conditions, forecasts, weather cameras, online weather radio, and live video streams. Statistics regarding our website are available below. This is a win-win situation: you get exposure and traffic directed to your website, and revenue we receive from ad placements support our continued operation of this website. If you are interested in placing advertisements, please contact us. Prices are negotiable, as well as any placement locations you would like to suggest.


PageRank6 (
Daily pageviews:4,000 - 9,000
Monthly pageviews:220,000
Traffic origin:Over 90% from the United States

Available ad locations

  • Footer

    6 footer ads are currently available, excluding the home page. These ad units will appear on all pages of this website and are not rotated in any way. You may purchase more than 1 unit, including the entire bar which is discounted to the cost of 4 units. Costs are listed below.

Ad placement: footer
  • Full-page ads

    Full-page ads are available that are linked from the footer ads, or from other locations of your choice. These ads can contain whatever content you would like, including text and images.


  • Footer

    Individual ad units cost $50/month. All 6 units with different links cost $300/month. One large advertisement (instead of 6) will cost $200/month.

  • Full-page ads

    Full-page ads vary based on the number of pages that link to the advertisement. Creation of the full-page ad will have a one-time setup fee of $50. A homepage text link or small banner (under 120 pixels) to your full-page ad will cost $50/month. Please ask for a quote for links from other pages (such as local city pages).

Ad categories and restrictions

Advertisements relating to weather, travel, outdoor events, concerts, weather equipment, photography, news, and similar categories will perform well on this website.

We do not currently accept ads related to the following categories:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Adult websites
  • MLM schemes and similar websites at our discretion
  • E-books