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The LightningNet provides near real-time displays of lightning activity in locations around the United States. Lightning detectors such as the Boltek StormTracker listen for radio (RF) signals from lightning strikes, and transmits data to a computer which then plots their location on a map. This map looks similar to a doppler radar and although the system is less sophisticated than radar, it can plot thunderstorm locations fairly well and can even show locations where thunderstorms are beginning to develop (and thus a radar may not show as there is no falling rain yet).

Real-Time Lightning Detection at the weatherUSA HQ

Current lightning activity in Columbus, Ohio:

2 strokes per minute | No red alerts | No yellow alerts

Real-Time Lightning Analysis Display
Disclaimer: Lightning data is provided without warranty of any kind as to accuracy or timeliness. Not for protection of life or property.

Real-Time Lightning Detectors around the United States

We are currently updating and reorganizing our list of local lightning detectors. Please check back soon.