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The WeatherNet provides current weather conditions from local, privately-owned weather stations. Many ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System) weather stations operated by the National Weather Service are located at airports and other industrial areas where the weather may be different than at your home or business. Secondly, most of the ASOS stations only report data to the Internet once every hour, whereas the ones listed below are updated on a more frequent basis. The WeatherNet is currently limited to a few stations, but we plan to add more in the coming months.

Do you operate a weather station and have a broadband internet connection? Would you like to add your live data to the WeatherNet? Contact Us and let us know!

Location Last Updated Temp Wind  
Columbus, Ohio
Station OH-Columbus
13:30EDT 05/22 71.3°F WNW @ 3 MPH DETAILS
Newark, Ohio
Station OH-Newark
13:30EDT 05/22 65.2°F W @ 4 MPH DETAILS
Granada Hills, CA
Courtesy Tom Tcimpidis
10:30EDT 05/22 58.7°F S @ 0 MPH DETAILS

Other private weather stations around the United States

Our database currently includes 360 links to weather stations around the United States.

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