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Active Tropical Weather

Pacific Disturbance 99E (10.2°N -126.4°W) Location: Wind Speed: 35 MPH
Atlantic Disturbance 96L (22.6°N -95.4°W) Location: Wind Speed: 40 MPH
Western Pacific and Global Storms Tropical Storm Neoguri (19.8°N 129.9°W) Location: Wind Speed: 46 MPH
Atlantic Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen (23.3°N -94.6°W) Location: 225 mi (360 km) ENE of Tampico Mexico Wind Speed: 40 MPH
Pacific Tropical Depression Eighteen-E (10.1°N -126.5°W) Location: 1410 mi (2265 km) SW of The Southern Tip of Baja California Wind Speed: 35 MPH

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