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Tropical Center

Business Services

Weather Alerting

Our Weather Alerting service offers reliable severe weather alerts to organizations large & small across the country.

Alerts sent within 20 seconds (or less!) from processing to delivery.
Monitor for alerts down to the street address, or by ZIP code, county, or advanced geographic parameters. Fully geospatially-aware.
Reliable platform with multiple points of redundancy. In operation for over 10 years.
Receive alerts by text message, e-mail, automated voice call, app notification, Slack (beta), and more.
Filter Alert Types
Only receive the types of alerts you need. Choose from 50+ alert triggers from severe and winter weather to tropical storms.
Set Quiet Times
Only receive alerts when you need them. Great for limiting to shifts or work hours.
Unlimited Locations
Monitor one location or thousands*. We bill by users, and don't charge for each message unlike other services.
* Surcharges may apply for certain formats.
Named Locations
Set aliases for physical sites, facilities, store numbers, or other identifiers (e.g. "Distribution #0125"). We'll include them with each message in a list of impacted sites.
Map Snapshots
Severe alert e-mails include a map of the warned area and your location(s).
Tropical cyclone alerts
Receive our text or email updates as soon as tropical storms form or strengthen.
Web-Based Control
Manage your account users and alert triggers online.
Push Alerts
Receive alerts through our Push or Pull APIs in multiple formats.

White-Label Alerting Solutions

Fully Branded

Use our platform with your logo, branding, and domain name. Use a fully customized e-mail template, display affected company facility names, send from custom e-mail addresses or set up your own shortcode to broadcast alerts.

Provide a value-added service to your customers, operating on our reliable alerting platform and network without having to build out your own technology.


Allow your employees, clients, or customers to configure their own alerts through your website or CRM, or via our web embeds.

Real-Time Embeds

Add our customizable alert widgets to your website or intranet, showing only alerts that are affecting your locations or facilities. Weather maps with radar and other features can be displayed in the embed.

Threshold and scheduled alerts

Work with our staff to get alerts customized to your needs

Your team would be able to view a report sent at the same time everyday.

Alerts sent based on triggers

Receive alerts for forecasted events, including high/low temperature, precipitation, high winds, snow, ice accumulation, and air quality ranges. Or, monitor nearby weather observations to trigger an alert on high/low temperature or heat index reached, high wind recorded, and more.

Alerting for Apps, IoT & M2M

Push Alert Queues

Connect apps, back-ends, Internet-of-Things devices, smart homes, and other connected devices to receive the latest severe alerts in real-time.

Developers and devices can connect to our alerting platform via ZeroMQ, SQS, or REST API. Alerts can be filtered by type or location using subscription identifiers.

Our distributed architecture ensures reliable service and extremely fast (measured in milliseconds) relaying of notifications.

Decision support and asset monitoring solutions

WeatherNet Aware

  • Integrated web map application with:
    • Observations
    • Hi-Def Radar
    • Weather alert areas
    • SkyCams — Largest database of weather cameras in the US (operated by partners, TV stations, weather enthusiasts), monitored daily and archived every 20 minutes
    • Tropical cyclone tracks
    • Advanced information such as mesoscale discussions
    • Storm reports
  • Asset integration
    • Display and add assets (facilities, personnel, equipment, clients) to your map and set alerts for assets
    • View Impact ratings for assets
    • View custom data for each asset – forecasts, precipitation, active alerts, and more
    • Generate custom reports of historical weather for assets
Enterprise and Event Forecasts

Contact us for more information on the following:

  • Batch forecasts
  • Targeted forecasting for industry: transportation & logistics routes, forecast conditions, wind and temperature forecasting
  • Time and location based forecasts for events (outdoor events, concerts, etc.)
  • On-call meteorologists by live chat, e-mail, or phone for your organization
Mobile Apps

User-Friendly Mobile Apps

Push notification severe weather alerts

Ultra-fast and reliable alerts from the National Weather Service and weatherUSA

Current weather conditions from a network of 80,000+ weather stations

Set of list of favorite weather locations.

Daily and hourly forecasts

Nearby SkyCams (outdoor cameras)

Monitor traffic and sky conditions near you.

Weather API

Weather API

Live weather observations

Observation history – summaries by location

Current weather conditions from a network of 80,000+ weather stations

Weather alerts (JSON feeds, ZeroMQ push)

Places database (US Cities, ZIP codes)

Hourly & daily forecasts


Health data (e.g. air quality, uv index, pollen count)

Subscribe new users and update existing subscribers for white-label alerts