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Weather API for Developers

Coming in December

Public access to our API and more developer tools will be available in late December. Enter your e-mail address below to receive an e-mail update when it is available.

The Weather API provides real-time weather observations, alerts, map tiles, and other data at an affordable price.

About the API

The weatherUSA Weather API is a simple-to-use REST/KVP interface for retrieving weather data primarily for locations across the United States, although current conditions are available worldwide. Some weather API providers only provide data every hour or less; our API provides real-time data for critical local information including mesonet (weather station) observations and severe weather alerts.

Real-time weather, historical weather, forecasts, and climate information are available via the API. The API accepts standard HTTP requests and returns standard HTTP response codes and JSON response messages for most endpoints. User management (for alerts & notifications), custom, and batch processing endpoints are also available by request.

Data Feeds & Pricing Packages

Weather API
Data Feeds




Coming Soon


Coming Soon
10 calls/min
10,000 calls/day
1 website (public) and 1 server (secret) key
60 calls/min
100,000 calls/day
2 streaming connections
unlimited website or server keys
3,000 calls/min
4M+ calls/day
5+ streaming connections
unlimited website or server keys
Live weather observations
(34,000+ stations worldwide)
Streaming weather observations
(live mesonet feed over WebSocket/ZeroMQ)
Historical weather observations
(8,000+ stations worldwide)
Back to 2014; longer-term data coming soon
Place search
(US & Canadian city, ZIP, autocomplete)
Place lookup by reverse geocode
List of nearby reporting weather stations
Weather forecasts
place ID or coordinates
Hourly (to 3-day) / daily (to 7-day)
Weather and environmental alerts (US & Canada)
By place ID or coordinates
Includes severe, winter, tropical weather and more
Streaming weather alerts
(live feed via WebSocket or ZeroMQ)
Weather forecast & observation rules
Push (to webhook/ZeroMQ) or pull alerts for a forecast or observation meeting specific criteria
Active tropical cyclones, path, and forecast
Historical tropical cyclone database (1851–present)
Live weather and traffic cameras (SkyCams) One camera
Local storm reports
US-only, real-time and historical to 2015
Air Quality & UV Index
Active wildfires
Recent earthquakes
NOAA Weather Radio streaming feeds list
Map Tiles Coming Soon
Usage and attribution Requires attribution White-label/commercial White-label/commercial
Phone and programming support
Reliability 99.0% 99.9% 99.9%
99.9%+ Service level agreement (SLA)