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Columbus, Ohio Real-Time Weather Conditions

The following weather conditions are observed by a weather station at the weatherUSA, LLC headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Data is updated in near real-time, with updates occurring every 10 seconds. This page will automatically refresh with the latest information.

Station Location: Columbus, Ohio (6 mi WSW)
Coordinates: 39° 56' N, 83° 7' W
(+39.938, -83.111)
8/15/2019: Humidity sensor has failed. The humidity, dewpoint, and heat index values are not accurate. The station is scheduled for replacement by August 20.

Streaming weather conditions

Last updated: 21:01:43 on 08/23/2019
(0 seconds ago)

Temperature 73.4°
Winds ENE at 0 mph
Wind Chill 73.4°F
Humidity 100%
Dew Point 73.4°
Barometric Pressure 30.14 inches
Pressure Trend (0.01 in/hr)
Rainfall Rate -0.01 inches
Daily Rainfall 0.00 inches

Current weather alerts for this location

No current alerts.

Graphical weather conditions

Time Date Sunrise Sunset
Outdoor Temperature    Heat Index
Outdoor Temperature Graph
Outdoor Humidity Outdoor Humidity Graph (%)
Barometric Pressure
             Barometric Pressure     Barometric Trend
Barometric Pressure Graph
Wind Speed (MPH) Wind Speed Graph (MPH)
Wind Direction Wind Direction Graph
Dew Point
Dew Point (°F)
Daily Rainfall (inches)   Monthly Rainfall (inches)   Yearly Rainfall (inches)

A Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station, Davis Instruments WeatherLink, and Ambient Weather's Virtual Weather Station enables you to view these live conditions.

Disclaimer: Weather information is provided without warranty of any kind as to accuracy or timeliness, and should never be used to make decisions during a weather emergency.

Wunderground: KOHCOLUM1
MADIS: C0395