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Weather and Traffic Cams in Oklahoma

Visit our new WeatherNet Live map to zoom into any area of the country and view nearby SkyCams.

If you know of any weather cams or traffic cams around the United States that are not listed here, or if you find a broken link below, please let us know!

Please note that most of these cameras are NOT owned or controlled by weatherUSA (unless the name specifically says so) and you will have to visit the camera's website if you want more information about it.


Multiple camerasTraffic camsVarious LocationsKSBI StateCam Network/
Multiple camerasVarious LocationsOklahoma D.O.T.
BristowCommunity Bank
Multiple camerasClaremoreKOTV NewsOn6 Claremore SkyCam
Multiple camerasGroveKOTV NewsOn6 Grove SkyCam
NormanAdair and Associates Real Estate
Multiple camerasNormanKOTV NewsOn6 Norman
Multiple camerasOklahoma City OKC Weatherbug Cameras
Multiple camerasTraffic camsOklahoma CityKWTV News 9 TowerCams
Multiple camerasOklahoma CityKWTV News9 Integris SkyCam
Multiple camerasOklahoma CityKWTV News9 SandRidge SkyCam
Multiple camerasOklahoma CityKWTV News9 Tower Cam
Multiple camerasOwassoKOTV NewsOn6 Owasso SkyCam
Multiple camerasSkiatookKOTV NewsOn6 Skiatook SkyCam
Live/streaming videoStillwaterOklahoma State Univ. Library Webcam
Stillwater Oklahoma State University
Multiple camerasTraffic camsTulsaKOTV NewsOn6 71st and Rt. 169 SkyCam
Multiple camerasTulsaKOTV Tulsa Airport SkyCam
Status icon legend:
Multiple camerasMultiple cameras at location(s) listed
Live/streaming videoLive video feed — software may be required to view
Traffic camsTraffic or road construction cameras

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