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Test...tsunami Message Number 1...test

TEST...Tsunami Message Number 1...TEST NWS National Tsunami Warning Center Palmer AK 802 AM PDT Fri May 11 2018 ...THIS_MESSAGE_IS_FOR_TEST_PURPOSES_ONLY... ...THIS IS A TEST TO DETERMINE TRANSMISSION TIMES INVOLVED IN THE DISSEMINATION OF TSUNAMI INFORMATION... RESPONSES ARE REQUIRED FROM --------------------------- * All Coastal Weather Forecast Offices in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California * USAF 11th Rescue Coordination Center at Elmendorf AFB * California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska State Warning Points * Emergency Management British Columbia * The Pacific Storm Prediction Centre in British Columbia * Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii * U.S. Coast Guard 11th, 13th, 17th District Offices * U.S. Coast Guard Kodiak COMMSTA and CAMSPAC Point Reyes, CA * Canadian Coast Guard MCTS COMOX and/or Victoria * FAA Regional Operations Center in Seattle * All Pacific Coast Tsunamiready Community Warning Points. RESPONSES SHOULD INCLUDE ------------------------ * Time-of-receipt * Agency name * Email address * Phone number Weather Service Offices should respond in accordance with local directives. All others should reply by one of the available methods below. SEND RESPONSE BY ---------------- * Web - * Email address - * AFTN address - PAAQYQYX * AWIPS - TMA * Fax - 907-745-6071 PZZ530-AKZ017>029-135-131-125-121-171-181-185-187-191-195- BCZ130-230-250-260-280-160-142-141-150-121-122-220-210-922-